Welcome to Namaste Tribe and thank you for connecting. Namaste Tribe is closed the Eastside studio on September 26, 2019. The studio will reopen in 2020. Visit the events page or follow IG @lovenamastetribe for the latest news.

We are a group of collaborative artists that have created a Healing Arts Meadow in El Paso, TX that serves as headquarters to a global movement that heals the minds, bodies and spirits of  communities by living  at their highest potential.  Promoting the Loving Arts, an evolution of peace, love and Art.

We invite you to join our Tribe and enjoy the endless possibilities that await...

Birth Story

Namaste Tribe, and the concept thereof, came as a dream to Founding Tribe Mother Brenda Amador Schulz.  She dreamt of a place that housed Artists sharing their passion of spreading more peace and love.  Her mission is to teach students skills to live as their best self.

"Creating a peaceful and safe world is one of the common denominators that all of the Tribe healers have,  igniting Self-Love in each individual with the Arts is the vision and mission." - BAS