Solar Eclipse 2017

Yesterday was quite an anticipated celestial event--new moon solar eclipse in Leo and Mercury’s retrograde--a cosmic occurrence sure to spook the cyberspace frequenter. Days leading up to the eclipse, I obsessively consumed articles to make sense of what I deemed a phenomenon, after all, there was no shortage of articles to reassure me that the end of days were approaching (ahem, thank you conspiracy theories). During this strange compulsion to seek, I felt silly for being sucked into a vortex of superstition and negativity so I then shifted focused on the Tribe’s Solar Eclipse Viewing Festival. Ah, yes, something much more pleasant and positive for the mind and soul. And so the day came--simply put, it was pure magic.  


I do NOT wake up early. I have never been an early bird and have moaned and pouty-faced my way out of bed for anything that requires my attention before 9am. However, my internal clock told me get up, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, and head to the Tribe house (I now realize my spirit was telling me to keep my crown and heart open to receive the messages that needed to be received). Upon arriving, I saw some of the tribe’s beautiful faces, my heart was instantly warmed. So much good energy here.


I hadn’t planned on taking a yoga class because I have only practiced a handful of times in over a year (admittedly, I have a love/dislike relationship with yoga so I have cycled in and out of practicing for several years) but watching my fellow tribe roll out their mats with a smile on their faces inspired me to get on a yoga mat. I am glad I made that choice! Jamarcus led us through a revitalizing flow while Jakie serenaded us with a calming sound bath during meditation. As the class came to an end, Jamarcus invited us to participate in a rolling om to close the practice--I still get goosebumps reminiscing over the powerfully vibrating and echoing sound of om during that class. After the yoga session, we headed outside for mingling, drum circle, and the eclipse viewing. To fully be at one with each other and the cosmos, as we watched the eclipse in our nifty protective glasses, Jakie and Leslie opened the four directions with a cacao and drumming ceremony followed by a heart-opening meditation guided by Brenda. All I can say is, wow. I felt myself channeling source through the entire event and I know I am not alone. I was in awe as I watched people completely be transported through the potency of the practice--a good indication that we are all hearing the call to wake up and be connected. The event set the tone for the rest of my day: complete bliss, peace, and hope that all will be well in this chaotic socio-political climate.   


Today, melancholy surrounds me. I feel as though I am floating in a foggy hungover state, trying to distinguish what parts of yesterday were in fact reality. How can the next day feel so different? Impermanence and everlasting change never cease to amaze me.


I keep scribbling these words “embrace the darkness”. It’s so easy to get lost in a state of elevation, constantly seeking a spiritual high while denying the shadow self because it’s addicting to not feel sad. And although I realize states of being are all choice, sometimes that can be construed to not feeling or repressing emotions (whether out in the world or in my brain). Yet I know that to be in my full truth, I need the darkness as much as the light. Today, I choose to embrace the heavy darkness within me, that has sculpted who I am, and to release the belief that it controls the outcomes in my life. Today, I choose to believe in magic and most importantly, myself. After all, the universe gifted me my moon cycle 7 days early. To me, that is a sweet reaffirmation that I’m on the right path working with womyn to connect with our higher essence.


To honor that darkness, to be fully present in my body, to connect to my heart and spirit, and to allow the light in for balance, I did what is most healing for me: channel the divine through transcendental dance.


It is in these meditative juicy fluid moments that I feel most empowered to be a mystical womyn, and most connected to source.




Gisselli Rodriguez   Content Specialist


Thank you to our contributor.

May you embrace your past and shadows to bring light into the world. Here's to bettering the world by listening to spirit and acting through the heart. I hope this new cycle brings you clarity, light, resilience, empowerment, and an abundance of love. Keep doing the (healthy) damn thing that brings you joy and that connects you to source. See you on the dance-floor (or...rather, studio floor) magical creatures. 

A Path Well Traveled

Out of all the journeys that fill the universe, the one you are currently crossing at this time, on this day, at this hour, is the path well traveled.  Congratulations.  Celebrate the path of healing that encompasses surrounding your life with beautiful beings.  Beautiful beings that come from around the world to share their learnings with their tribes,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of our Tribe.  We promise to always provide you with a care that is filled with kindness and love that represents a genuine healing experience for you.

Along the way, you will meet and hear the many voices that sing our Tribal message:  To heal the Heart, Mind and Spirit of our Communities.  

I introduce to you Gisselli Rodriguez, Shakti Priestess.

The light in me honors the light in you, Namaste,

Brenda Amador Schulz, Founding Mother